Aaron is what you would consider a go getter. From his first day at Life Net to today, he has always gone above and beyond for his patients and for his coworkers. Before starting at Life Net, Aaron was in the Army Reserves for 6 years. Once he graduated college and was engaged to his now wife, he began his career at Life Net working in dispatch. While in dispatch, he decided to go to EMT school thus going on his first ride out. From that ride out, he discovered his excitement and passion for working out in the field.

During that time, he was still working full time in dispatch and picking up overtime shifts on an Ambulance but then decided to make the switch and work full time out in the field. He worked as an EMT for two years before he became a paramedic for three years, which is a state requirement for working on the helicopter. Aaron saw that he could make a career out of working at Life Net and “was in everyone’s ear going hey when I hit my three-year mark I really want to fly”. Then, shortly after his three-year mark, he moved over to Life Net Air.  Summer of 2024 will mark 8 years of Aaron working at Life Net in almost every position possible with dispatcher, EMT, Ground Medic, Field Training Officer, and now Flight Medic.

Aaron enjoys the excitement and the community that surrounds him at Life Net as every day is something new and every call has its own set of challenges. He is described by his team members as “the epitome of what you want” for someone in this field. A person needs to be a go getter, self-starter, and motivated, and Aaron fits into all those traits and more.

“Aaron displays an extraordinary level of empathy, compassion, and enthusiasm for his job. He is always looking for ways to improve, which is exampled through his continued successes within LifeNet. Aaron seeks out higher learning opportunities, self-betterment, and continued growth. On behalf of the LifeNet Air division, we are extremely proud of his accomplishments to include being the 2023 Star of Life recipient” stated Jess Gibbs, Director of Specialty Care Services. He promotes education through evidence-based practice while teaching at a local EMT and Paramedic programs. Aaron is a humble leader who exemplifies all that LifeNet strives to be.