Tommy Singleton, Director of Operations, Malvern, LifeNet, Inc.Tommy Singleton – Director of Operations, Malvern

Arkansas, Texas, and National Registry – Paramedic
American Ambulance Association Ambulance Service Manager Graduate
ACLS, ITLS, PEPP; NIMS 100, 200, 300, 400

As Director of Operations, Tommy Singleton is responsible for overseeing ambulance operations for the City of Malvern. Tommy offers a unique set of interpersonal skills. He reports directly to the General Manager.

Tommy is a graduate of Mountain Pine High School who also attended Garland County Community College. He then completed a 10-year career in the USN Submarine Force, where he advanced from Seaman Recruit to Second Class Petty Officer, gaining extensive knowledge and experience managing different types of people in different types of high-stress situations. Tommy began his EMS career in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1996, where he worked at both for-profit and not-for-profit ambulance companies as a manager. When LifeNet assumed ambulance operations in 2005, Tommy was chosen as a Ground Operations Manager, a position he held until he was promoted to Director of Operations. Tommy’s extensive field and management experience allows him to lead a team to perform at very high levels and meet or exceed all contractual requirements.