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LifeNet EMS Ambulance ServiceCall Diversity & System Volume
LifeNet responds to more than 61,000 calls per year in our service areas. If you enjoy working a variety of call types, you’ll enjoy a career at LifeNet.  The experience you’ll gain in a short amount of time as a dispatcher, EMT, or paramedic is incredible because of the diversity of our calls.

Our ambulances are ALS, so all trucks run 911 response in addition to facility transports.  It’s not uncommon for a crew to work a motor vehicle accident (MVA), assist in a water rescue at a theme park, and transport a patient in sudden cardiac arrest from an area nursing home … all in one day.  While many of our calls are high acuity, there are also times to take advantage of system slow downs while working standby at area rodeos, football games, and festivals.

LifeNet EMS SchedulesSchedule Options
We recognize the importance of offering work-life balance.  Most of our divisions run 12-hour shifts that allow employees the opportunity to enjoy every other weekend off.  Some divisions also offer 24-hour, 11-hour, and 9-hour shifts.  Additionally, we offer each full-time employee vacation, sick time, and personal time combined into a single bank of hours known as “Paid Time Off”. Learn more about our Employee Benefits.

LifeNet EMS ProtocolsBest-In-Class Equipment & Protocols
We believe in putting the patient first, and our medical protocols reflect that. Equally as important, we believe in creating the safest work environment for our medical crews.  Our Type 1 and Type 3 ambulance units are not only spacious to provide you with the room you need to care for your patients, but they also come  equipped with Stryker Power Assist cots to reduce the chance of back injuries.  Additionally, oxygen caddies are available at each post to assist in swapping out oxygen.

LifeNet EMS ProtocolsA Commitment to Serve the Community
Our medical crews are made up of some of the best EMTs and paramedics in the nation, and we all understand the impact that community education can have on positive patient outcomes.  We take seriously our responsibility to educate the community in the use of 911, CPR, safety, and pre-arrival first aid.  Additionally, our crews regularly have the opportunity to provide standby ambulance service at community events, where we encourage you to give tours of the ambulance and provide community education to both children and adults.

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Briscoe Davis, EMT, Hot Springs

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  • Sky Foster is an EMT for LifeNet EMS in Texarkana, Texas.

Sky Foster, EMT, Texarkana

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  • Emily Hatley is an EMT at LifeNet EMS in Hot Springs, AR

Emily Hatley, EMT, Hot Springs

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Employee Spotlight: Emily Hatley Position: EMT Division: Hot Springs, AR Join Our Team Emily has been an EMT for LifeNet's Hot Springs Division since October of 2018. "I’ve always loved helping people, [...]

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Kaitlin Wallace, EMT, Stillwater

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  • Allison Moses is an EMT at LifeNet EMS in Texarkana.

Allison Moses, EMT, Texarkana

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Employee Spotlight: Allison Moses Position: EMT Division: Texarkana, TX Join Our Team Allison is an EMT in our Texarkana Division. "One of my role models worked for LifeNet when I was [...]

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