Employee Spotlight: Colter Antonsen, Paramedic, Hot Springs, AR

//Employee Spotlight: Colter Antonsen, Paramedic, Hot Springs, AR

Employee Spotlight: Colter Antonsen, Paramedic, Hot Springs, AR

Employee Spotlight: Colter Antonsen
Position: Paramedic
Division: Hot Springs, AR

Colter Antonsen, LifeNet Paramedic in Hot Springs, AR

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Colter has worked for LifeNet since August of 2016, and he truly enjoys working with his colleagues.

“My co-workers are like a second family,” he said. “It’s nice to have a family at work that can keep things lighthearted to offset the stresses that come along with the job.”

Colter’s path to becoming a paramedic is all thanks to his initial desire to be a firefighter.

“I initially got my EMT license to complete getting firefighting certifications. I ended up loving EMS and went on to get my paramedic license, which was the best decision of my life,” he said. “I love that nothing is ever the same. Each call has different situations that you can learn from. My favorite thing about my job though is the satisfaction I get after each call from helping others.”

Colter used to have a fun set of hobbies when he wasn’t at work, but that changed earlier this week.

“I used to play my guitar a whole lot and watch movies when my fiancé was at work. When she was off, we would spend time together doing whatever we felt like and going out to dinner. That all changed on August 20 when we finally got to meet our baby girl, who is the absolute light of our lives. So now I guess in my spare time I’ll be changing diapers and doing everything I can to make my daughter’s life absolutely amazing. I love her more than I can explain,” he said.

For others considering a career in EMS, Colter encourages them to go for it.

“My advice would be to jump in and don’t be bashful about it,” he said. “Learn everything you can in class and in your clinical rotations and always continue to expand on that knowledge when you’re working on the truck. You can always learn something from every patient.”