Terry Davis, Paramedic, Hot Springs

//Terry Davis, Paramedic, Hot Springs

Terry Davis, Paramedic, Hot Springs

Employee Spotlight: Terry Davis
Position: Paramedic
Division: Hot Springs, AR

Terry Davis, Paramedic, LifeNet EMS, Malvern, AR

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Terry works for LifeNet as an Operations Supervisor in Malvern, Arkansas. He has worked for LifeNet since 2013.

“I became a paramedic for the independence and to provide care to my community,” he said. “I enjoy being the pillar of hope for our patients in their emergency. There is nothing like seeing the visible relief as we show up on scene in their darkest hour.”

Like many in EMS, the thing Terry enjoys the most about working at LifeNet is his coworkers.

“My favorite thing about working at LifeNet is the opportunity to work with a great group of people who love their jobs and do it well,” he said.

When Terry isn’t at work he enjoys playing video games, painting miniatures, and family cosplay for comic conventions.

For others considering a career in EMS, he offers this advice: “Prepare to deal with the repetitive mundane calls, but train for the emergencies where you can truly make a difference.”