Employee Spotlight: Eric Grimmett
Position: EMT/ Supply Tech
Division: Hot Springs, AR

Eric Grimmett is an EMT and a supply tech for LifeNet EMS in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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Eric is an EMT at LifeNet in our Hot Springs Division, who is also responsible for ensuring all of our supplies are in stock and ready for our crews when needed. He has been part of the LifeNet family since 2018.

“My mother is a retired ER nurse and listening to her stories made me think about how cool it would be working on an ambulance, so in high school, I went to EMT school,” Eric said, as he described why he started a career in EMS.

After finishing EMT school, Eric decided to enroll in the fire academy because he was unable to find a job at the time as an EMT. Fifteen years later, his life “took a big change”, and he found himself in a position to start his career path over.

“I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. I wanted to help in whatever was needed. LifeNet gave me the chance to do this, and I am thankful,” he said.

So it comes as no surprise that the thing Eric enjoys the most about his career in EMS is getting to serve others.

“I enjoy having the ability to help people on what may be the worst day of their life and getting to see the relief in a patient’s eyes just upon the sight of our arrival on scene,” he said. “I also enjoy being able to give back to my community, and my co-workers are like family. The support from our LifeNet family extends past working hours.”

For others considering a career in EMS, Eric offers this advice: “The key to success is to enjoy working with people; never pass judgement about someone’s situation, and listen and talk to your patients with compassion at all times.”

When he isn’t at work, Eric enjoys working around the yard, watching NASCAR and football, and spending time with his wife and family. He is also a volunteer firefighter with the Piney Fire Protection Association.