Joe Beck, EMT, Texarkana

///Joe Beck, EMT, Texarkana

Joe Beck, EMT, Texarkana

Employee Spotlight: Joe Beck
Position: EMT
Division: Texarkana, TX

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Joe is an EMT for LifeNet’s Texarkana Division. He has been part of the LifeNet family since 2014.

“I wanted to challenge myself and help the citizens of my community during their times of crisis,” Joe said, explaining why he picked a career in EMS. “I enjoy the challenges presented to me, overcoming my limits, and setting new goals.”

Joe also enjoys the high call volume and large variety of different medical and trauma calls he gets to run working at LifeNet.

“Lifenet is where you can continue your education in this field and be right in the middle of the action,” he said.

For others considering a career in EMS, Joe offers this advice: “It’s not for everyone. Never act or say you know it all. You won’t always get a thank you and may be condemned for no reason. This isn’t a 9 to 5 job. It’s a career that takes dedication and passion to perform. There will be times you have to be hardhearted and straightfaced, then times you must show empathy or compassion. You will get hot and cold. You’ll be working in all kinds of weather. There may be shifts you don’t run a single call and ones you never get to eat. You will know your limits and set new ones, but always remember you’re not doing it alone. Your partner and fellow colleagues are right there with you. Always support each other, and never be afraid to help them out.”

When he is not at work, Joe enjoys working on computers, gaming, hunting, art, and spending time with his family.