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Medical Helicopter Service

Since 1983, LifeNet Air has been providing air medical transport in Texas and Arkansas.  We have completed more than 13,000 accident free patient transports.  Our air helicopter program is the oldest air ambulance service in the state of Arkansas.

Known for putting the patient first, we provide medical transport for critically ill or injured patients from emergency scenes and for inter-facility transports.

During a medical emergency, seconds matter. 

LifeNet Air is able to bring a mobile ICU to a patient and transport them quicker than ground ambulance to the closest and most appropriate medical facility.  This ensures quality emergency care begins before the patient ever reaches the emergency room.

Our experienced medical teams utilize specialized skills to meet the complex needs of the patients we serve. We utilize a two-person medical team on all flights, which includes a LifeNet Flight Paramedic and a Flight Nurse.

About our fleet

The flight program employs Bell 407 helicopters, which are operated by AirMethods.  The flight program averages over 30 flights per month. During the course of a month, the flight program will do interhospital and on-scene flights.

Landing Zone classes

LifeNet Air offers free landing zone classes to area first responders.  A minimum of 10 people must be registered in order to hold a class.  Members of the LifeNet Air crew conduct the class.  In most cases, the class concludes with the arrival of the LifeNet Air helicopter, so first responders can learn firsthand about the helicopter and landing zone (LZ) setup.  Request a class.

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