Employee Spotlight: Trista Wall
Position: HR Assistant
Division: Texarkana, TX

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Trista Wall has been part of LifeNet’s Human Resources team since 2015.

“After being a stay at home Mom for several years, I happened upon a job that jump-started my love for the HR field. When that job ended, I was thrilled to see that LifeNet had an opening in the HR department because I have always admired the company and the work they do for the community,” Trista said, describing how she got started working in the field of HR.

She truly enjoys her job and the ability it gives her to take care of the team at LifeNet.

“Working in HR means that every day is different. It puts me in a good place to see a broad scope of the company and work with our most valuable assets – our employees! It’s important to me that I take care of anything they need done. That way they have no worries, and they can do the most important work at LifeNet, which is supporting and helping the community,” Trista said.

There are several things she enjoys about her role as an HR assistant in the EMS industry.

“I love being a part of something that makes a difference, with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met who work hard daily to make that difference. I’m constantly in awe of the people I work with, and proud to be part of such a great team,” she said. “If it’s a career you want to follow, LifeNet is the best place to start. You will be surrounded by the best in the industry, with a wealth of knowledge to help you excel in the field.”

When Trista isn’t at work, you’ll find her watching her kids play sports, fishing, playing classic board games, sitting around a fire roasting s’mores, and having random dance-offs in the kitchen.