AED Grant Program

Through our AED Grant Program, LifeNet provides up to $900 (or half the cost of the purchase price, whichever is less) in reimbursement towards the purchase of a Zoll Plus AED.

Funds for the program are limited, and a grant application (below) is required for consideration.


  • Partner agencies must be a non-profit or not-for-profit organization
    • Non-profit organizations who do not qualify for an AED Grant include:
      • Educational institutions (schools, universities, and foundations)
      • Hospitals and hospital foundations
      • Nursing homes, adult living facilities, skilled nursing facilities
  • Partner agencies must reside within LifeNet’s ground service areas
    • Ground Service Areas include the following counties:
      • Arkansas: Garland, Hot Spring, and Miller
      • Texas: Bowie, Cass, Morris, and Red River
    • Note: For organizations in Payne County, Oklahoma, the Western Payne County Ambulance Trust Authority (WPCATA) provides a limited number of AEDs at NO COST.  Click here to complete their AED Request form.
  • Schedule a Bystander CPR & AED Use training class taught by LifeNet
  • Agree to LifeNet requesting a photo of the device, with members of your organization (or other similar photo identifying the AED in your business or organization) to use in marketing materials, online, in social media, and in press releases as LifeNet sees appropriate.  Photo should be sent in with receipt.

Upon receiving approval to purchase the Zoll AED Plus, organizations will purchase the device on their own and submit a receipt for reimbursement.  Reimbursement is approved for a specified period of time, for up to $900 per device (or half the cost of the purchase price, whichever is less).  Organizations who purchase a device, other than the Zoll AED Plus, will not be eligible for reimbursement.

AED Vendors

LifeNet is not affiliated with any of the vendors listed below and does not make recommendations on where to purchase AEDs.  However, we have had success purchasing AEDs in the past from the following suppliers.  It is up to your organization to vet any vendors, warranties, and claims.

  • AED Superstore / Allied 100
    Patti Rubo
    Note: Let her know you’re using a matching grant from LifeNet, and she may be able to extend you special pricing.
    Note: You can also ask her about “refurbished AEDs”
  • Cardio Partners
    Frank Mannino
  • Zoll
    Cameron Reimer

AED Grant Program Application