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LifeNet is a not-for-profit ground and air ambulance service provider.  In addition to providing medical transportation throughout Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas, and Central Oklahoma, we also are active in each service area providing community education and outreach to strengthen the chain of survival.



A career at LifeNet is more than just a job, it is a way to make a difference in your community every day.

Our Dispatchers, EMTs, and Paramedics are challenged on a daily basis to grow as professionals and be part of lifesaving solutions that impact thousands of people a year.

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AED Matching Funds Program


AED Matching Fund Program

LifeNet is committed to making our community a safer place and improving the chain or survival in our service areas.

Providing funding to help provide AEDs in the community is one way we help. Through the program, your agency essentially funds half of the cost of a new Zoll AED, while LifeNet funds the other half.

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Become a Member of LifeNet EMS Membership


Become A Member

No matter how safe or healthy you are today, you can’t always avoid accidents, emergencies, or unexpected illnesses.  We know because we respond to 61,000 calls a year throughout our service areas.

The good news is, you can help plan for them by becoming a LifeNet Member.

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Hannah’s Light

Hannah’s Lights are distributed to more than 4000 elementary students in Garland and Hot Spring Counties to help increase visibility of students as they wait for the bus.  The program is funded by community donations.

Lights are provided to school districts to give out to students in grades Pre-K thru 3rd.

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Services Provided


Ground Ambulance Transport

LifeNet ALS ambulances respond to more than 61,000 calls a year for help in the communities we serve.  ALS units ensure advanced level of care without delay in the event a non-emergency call becomes emergent.

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Helicopter Medical Transport

The LifeNet Air helicopter program is the oldest air ambulance service in the state of Arkansas. The flight program, which began in 1983 as St. Michael’s AirLife, has now flown over 13,000 accident free medical missions.

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Fixed Wing Medical Transport

Fixed wing transports are used for inter-facility transfers when the patient needs urgent care that is not available at the sending facility. We match the medical flight crew with the patient’s needs.

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LifeNet operates two 24-hour-a-day EMS dispatch centers staffed by experienced personnel familiar with the geographic area, city streets, and addressing system of our service area. We also provide free 9-1-1 Community Education Classes.

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LifeNet in the Community

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