About the Award

The LifeNet LifeSaver Award recognizes people who have saved a save life, regardless of the risk, through the application of first aid knowledge and skills.

Possible nominees  include individuals, or groups of individuals who:
1. Performed bystander CPR or applied an AED that resulted in a successful return of circulation.
2. Successfully controlled the bleeding of a patient whose bleeding was life threatening.
3. Successfully maintained the airway of a patient whose airway was compromised and life threatening.

Nominations can come from:
1. LifeNet Staff
2. First Responders
3. The public

Once received, the nomination will be reviewed for consideration.

If you witness someone who you believe is deserving of this award, nominate them by filling out the form below.

LifeNet Lifesaver Award | EMS Community Helpers

LifeNet Lifesaver Award Nomination Form

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