LifeNet EMS Stars of Life
Wall of Honor

2021 Stars of Life
Blake Norwood (Hot Springs Division)
Cory Miller (Stillwater Division)
Stacey Himes (Texarkana Division)

2020 Stars of Life
Jason Castleberry (Hot Springs Division)
Roger Cushman (Stillwater Division)
Annie Palmer (Texarkana Division)

2019 Stars of Life
Dean Rush (Hot Springs Division)
Hunter Poston (Stillwater Division)
Shon Matthews (Texarkana Division)

2018 Stars of Life
Terry Childers (Hot Springs Division)
Casey Dodson (Stillwater Division)
Cyndy Rider (Texarkana Division)

2017 Stars of Life
Brandon Herron (Hot Springs Division)
Matt Williams (Stillwater Division)
Robbie Seastrunk (Texarkana Division)

2016 Stars of Life
Nick Brown (Hot Springs Division)
Chris Moore (Stillwater Division)
Jason Goodwin (Texarkana Division)

2015 Stars of Life
Kenny Ross (Hot Springs Division)
Lacey Lee (Stillwater Division)
Erinn McGee (Texarkana Division)

2014 Stars of Life
Forrest Fikes (Hot Springs Division)
Cody Chaney (Stillwater Division)
Darren Cowley (Texarkana Division)

2013 Stars of Life
Joshua Boyette (Hot Springs Division)
Zachary Harris (Stillwater Division)
Donna Campbell & Annette R. Singleton (Texarkana Division)

2012 Stars of Life
Jonathan Long (Hot Springs Division)
John Harrison (Stillwater Division)
Randy Bean (Texarkana Division)

2011 Stars of Life
Ricky Dodd (Hot Springs Division)
Brian Shelton (Texarkana Division)

2010 Stars of Life
Mark Rash (Hot Springs Division)
Chuck Ham (Texarkana Division)

2009 Stars of Life
Michael Higginbottom (Hot Springs Division)
Bobby Edwards (Texarkana Division)

2008 Stars of Life
Mary Harkness (Hot Springs Division)
Rena Suitor (Texarkana Division)

2007 Stars of Life
Kay Dukes (Hot Springs Division)
Michael Authement (Texarkana Division)

2006 Stars of Life
Melodi Kastner (Hot Springs Division)
Buddy Cunningham (Texarkana Division)

2005 Star of Life
James Pappas (Texarkana Division)

2004 Star of Life
Joetta Jones (Texarkana Division)

2003 Star of Life
Dave Dutton (Texarkana Division)

2002 Star of Life
Clifton Brown (Texarkana Division)

2001 Stars of Life
David Stanley (Texarkana Division)

2000 Stars of Life
Michael DeBerry (Texarkana Division)