Every year, more than 350,000-475,000 Americans experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), when the heart stops beating without any warning. Quality chest compressions help keep blood circulating in the body to deliver oxygen to the brain and other organs until EMS crews arrive on scene.  If that does not happen, death is imminent within minutes.

While not every person who receives CPR immediately survives, someone’s chances of survival increase greatly when a bystander who witnesses a SCA event starts CPR immediately. Additionally, SCA survivors who received B-CPR have a better prognosis of surviving without brain damage or other medical problems.


LifeNet’s FREE Bystander CPR (B-CPR) & AED Use Class is designed to teach everyday people how to perform quality chest compressions and utilize an AED.  The hour-long class includes a 20-minute lecture.  The remaining portion of the class is hands-on practice.  Practicing CPR is the most important element of the course.


LifeNet offers the FREE class to groups of 6-10 people wherever it is most convenient for the group.  If a group does not have a place to hold the class, LifeNet can usually secure a location.


To schedule a free class, call 903-556-0301 or complete the form on this page.


This class is NOT a CPR Certification Class.  In order to be CPR certified, you must attend a class that teaches you rescue breathing, how to perform CPR on a child, and other topics.  Many area community colleges offer certified CPR Classes for a fee.  Most certified classes take 4-5 hours to complete and cost around $70 to attend.  While we encourage everyone to become CPR Certified, we recognize the time and money involved is not suitable for every individual, so our free class is offered as an alternative for those who would like to learn how to perform CPR but are not required to be certified.

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