LifeNet, Inc. (LifeNet) continually strives to provide high quality emergency care and medical transportation services to our patients, and to maintain high standards of integrity in our dealings with our patients’ families, as well as our own staff members and those with whom we do business. It is our philosophy that we provide all of our services in full compliance with all laws and regulations. This requires the highest standard of conduct from all of our staff members.

If there is reasonable doubt as to the appropriateness of an activity, staff members or any concerned customer or member of the public are encourage to report such activity to the LifeNet Compliance Officer, or to anyone in the LifeNet chain of command.

If for any reason such a direct report is not comfortable for the person who is concerned, LifeNet is providing this mechanism for reporting to the Compliance Officer and other key managers. Contact information in this form may be left blank so as to create a documented, but anonymous report – alternatively contact information can be listed here and the Compliance Officer will respond to and contact the reporter as requested.

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