Help Save a Child’s Life with a Donation to the Hannah’s Light Program

Seven year old Hannah Martin was known for her love of dance and her infectious smile. That all changed on a dark early fall morning in 2012.

As Hannah was waiting to be picked up by the school bus, tragedy struck. She was killed when the bus accidentally ran her over at the bus stop. The early morning darkness is one of the factors that is believed to have caused the tragic accident.

LifeNet responded to the scene. Paramedic Bobby King wanted to do something to help prevent another tragedy like Hannah’s from occurring and came up with the idea to provide flashing lights for kids to wear on their backpacks while waiting for the school bus.

The lights are known as “Hannah’s Light” in memory of this precious little girl.

How your donation helps…

Each Hannah’s Light costs $1.25 and is provided free of charge to area schools in part from community donations. LifeNet provides more than 4000 lights annually to students in Garland and Hot Springs Counties in Arkansas.  Lights are provided to school districts to give out to students in grades Pre-K thru 3rd.

Donation Amount Number of Lights Provided
$10 8 Lights
$20 16 Lights
$50 40 Lights
$75 60 Lights
$100 80 Lights
$125 100 Lights
$150 120 Lights
$175 140 Lights
$200 160 Lights
$250 200 Lights
$275 220 Lights
$300 240 Lights

If you would like to donate funds for a school in a different county, please indicate that on your donation.  Once we have raised enough money for a school district in your community, lights will be provided to that school district.