Hot Springs Village POA Ambulance Benefits LifeNet EMS

Ambulance Service in Hot Springs Village

Since 2009, LifeNet has provided advanced life support (ALS) ambulance service for the residents of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.  Each year we respond to more than 2,000 requests for emergency ambulance service in the Village.

LifeNet ambulances are stationed at the following locations:

  • Calella Station Area*
  • Cortez Fire Station
  • Balboa Fire Station

*The Calella Station acts as our main base of operation inside the Village. In addition to housing our crew, it is also home to the Shift Supervisor and the Director of Operations.

Hot Springs Village Ambulance

Response Time
LifeNet’s has a response time goal of no more than 8 minutes 59 seconds on 90% of the ambulance calls.

As a nonprofit, LifeNet provides ambulance transportation for every patient requesting transportation to a hospital within the immediate area of the Hot Springs Village without regard to the patient’s ability to pay, without resorting to hand-offs of patients to less capable crews, and without requesting or accepting payment at the time of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LifeNet EMS Ambulance IconThe Hot Springs Village POA has contracted with LifeNet to provide advanced life support (ALS) ambulance service.

ALS ambulances are staffed by an EMT and a paramedic. This ensures that in the event a non-emergency call becomes emergent or critical, the patient will receive the advanced level of care without delay.

Your ambulance benefits are NOT insurance, and you are responsible for paying for ambulance services you utilize.

Under the POA benefits program, LifeNet will file insurance claims with third party payers (private insurance, supplemental insurance, Medicare, etc…) and receive payments on your behalf.  If the payer denies the claim for any reason, LifeNet will discount your bill by 40%.

In order to file insurance claims, LifeNet may require documentation from you needed to process the claims.  Additionally, medical information may be released to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and its agents and carriers, third party payers, and insurers.

Should your insurance company reimburse you directly for any medical transportation insurance benefits, the reimbursement should be forwarded to LifeNet.

Your benefits cover the following:

  • 40% discount on billed services
  • Most out-of-pocket expenses
  • All full-time residents of your household
  • Ground ambulance service provided by LifeNet
  • Air ambulance service provided by LifeNet

LifeNet handles all billing/claims/collections for ambulance services and can be contacted by calling 1-800-832-6395.

The POA does not handled anything related to ambulance bills.

Air Ambulance coverage is included with your benefits when deemed medically necessary and provided by LifeNet.  Services provided by another air ambulance provider are not covered in your benefits.

If you are flown via the LifeNet Air helicopter, you may receive a bill from Air Methods, LifeNet’s partner provider for helicopter services in Hot Springs Village.  You will need to provide a copy of your bill to LifeNet, and LifeNet will take care of paying additional expenses related to the flight.

Bills for transportation provided on our fixed wing medical airplane are billed through LifeNet and follow the same billing structure as the ground program.  This means you will receive a 40% discount off your bill should your insurance not cover the transportation.

Yes, if your home address is in Hot Springs Village, or if you are a property owner, you are covered for any transportation provided by LifeNet. You are not covered for ambulance transportation provided by another ambulance service.

LifeNet is prohibited from responding to calls outside of our service areas. Your POA ambulance benefits only cover transportation provided by LifeNet.

Yes, please pick up a copy of the Schedule of Benefits for more information.

Copies are available at the POA Administration Office.

All property owners will have a monthly charge added to their utility bill to support the cost of ambulance service in Hot Springs Village.  This appears as a separate line item on your water bill.

Unlike other items on your water bill, the ambulance service fee is not subject to sales tax.

LifeNet EMS Ambulance IconPolice and fire protection are services provided directly by the POA in which all costs associated with such service are the responsibility of the POA.

Ambulance service is provided through a contractual agreement with a private entity, LifeNet. The financial support provided by the POA is for the subsidy required for the provision of the ALS ambulances in Hot Springs Village and not the total cost of this service.

Ambulance service charges paid by the users through insurance or out-of-pocket paid directly to the ambulance service provider supports over half of the ambulance service costs in Hot Springs Village.

LifeNet Membership covers emergency and non-emergency response and transportation to healthcare facilities in LifeNet’s service area where alternative forms of transportation would be medically inappropriate. For non-emergency transports, you must provide physician documentation showing the transportation was medically necessary.

Medically necessary ambulance transports include:

  • Interfacility transports for higher level care
  • Non-emergency roundtrip nursing home transports to or from the hospital
  • Up to 500 miles for ground ambulance transports
  • Up to 200 miles for helicopter transports
  • Up to 300 miles for fixed wing transports

Calella Post

LifeNet EMS: Calella Post, Hot Springs Village, AR

114 Los Lagos Drive
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Cortez Post

LifeNet EMS: Cortez Post, Hot Springs Village, AR

110 Cortez Road
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Balboa Post

LifeNet EMS: Balboa Post, Hot Springs Village, AR

115 Ponce DeLeon
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas