Ground Ambulance Service

Formed in July 1993 in Texarkana, LifeNet has grown to offer ground ambulance service in three states.  As a nonprofit corporation, we’re able to focus all our efforts on the most important bottom line—patient care.

LifeNet ambulances respond to more than 61,000 calls a year for help in the communities we serve.  All of our ground ambulances are ALS units, meaning they are staffed with a paramedic and an EMT. This ensures that in the event a non-emergency call becomes emergent or critical, the patient will receive the advanced level of care without delay.

Additionally, LifeNet provides standby emergency medical services to more than 500 events every year, including high school and collegiate football games, area rodeos and dirt car races, non-profit fundraisers and marathons, and more.  Our ground ambulance crews also offer free community education via ambulance tours at local childcare facilities and businesses.  Learn more about how to request LifeNet at one of your events.

LifeNet is able to maintain low response times by utilizing the concept called system status management (SSM) SSM is the science of matching demand for service with the supply of ambulances. Using SSM allows LifeNet to maintain and improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, while keeping costs under control.

CAAS Accredited

LifeNet first received national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) in December 2000, and was one of the first ambulance services in Arkansas and the 80th ambulance service in the country to successfully complete the voluntary review process. This gold-standard accreditation epitomizes our continued commitment to the patients and the communities we are privileged to serve.

LifeNet Ground Ambulance Services EMS in Texarkana, Hot Springs, and Stillwater.

Lifenet Ambulances provide emergency medical service (EMS) in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

About Our Fleet

LifeNet ambulances are Type I or Type III design. These larger, box-type ambulances have a more spacious patient treatment area and can carry more equipment, contributing directly to better patient care delivery and greater crew satisfaction.

As a vehicle enhancement, all service units are equipped with modified sine wave inverters, the optimal power sources for onboard use of highly sophisticated medical equipment. This aids in the care and transport of certain high-risk patients who require critical care monitoring and therapies normally limited to the in-hospital environment.

In an effort to increase safety, LifeNet has overhauled the exterior design of our ambulances to make them more noticeable on the road. Our safety design features a highly visible white background with reflective vehicle markings on all sides.

Another vehicle safety measure implemented by LifeNet is the installation of SmartDrive to monitor driving performance. The SmartDrive camera monitors both the ambulance cab and the view from the dash, continuously recording video and audio with forward- and backward-facing cameras.

Service Areas

LifeNet provides ground ambulance services to residents in the following service areas:


Garland County
Hot Spring County
Miller County


LifeNet EMS Western Payne County Oklahoma
Western Payne County


Bowie County
Cass County
Morris County
Red River County