LifeNet Membership Plans cover transport provided by a LifeNet ground ambulance and are non-transferable and non-refundable.  Membership Plans do not cover transport on a LifeNet Air helicopter or fixed wing.


LifeNet is prohibited from responding to calls outside of our service areas.  LifeNet Membership plans only cover transportation provided by LifeNet.  LifeNet provides ground ambulance service in the following counties:

Garland, Hot Spring, and Miller Counties

Bowie, Cass*, Morris, and Red River Counties

*Residents of Cass County, Texas who live within the corporate limits of the cities of Atlanta, Queen City, Avinger, and Hughes Springs can purchase memberships.  Residents living in the City of Linden or residents living in Cass County outside of the city limits listed above are members of the Cass County Ambulance Resident Benefit Plan and have a LifeNet Membership.


LifeNet Membership covers emergency and non-emergency response and transportation to healthcare facilities in LifeNet’s service area where alternative forms of transportation would be medically inappropriate.  For non-emergency transports, patients must provide physician documentation showing the transportation was medically necessary.  Patient transport is covered to the closest, most appropriate, medical facility as determined by physicians or EMS personnel.

Medically necessary transports include:

  • Interfacility transports for higher level care
  • Non-emergency roundtrip nursing home transports to or from the hospital
  • Up to 500 miles for ground ambulance transports


A new member may join at any time. Membership coverage will expire one year (365 days) from the date of purchase. There is a seven (7) day waiting period from application to start of coverage for new members.


LifeNet members are responsible for paying for ambulance services utilized.  LifeNet will file insurance claims with third party payers (private insurance, supplemental insurance, Medicare, etc…) and receive payments on your behalf.  If the payer denies the claim for any reason, or if you do not have insurance, LifeNet will discount your bill by 40%.

To file insurance claims, LifeNet may require documentation from you needed to process the claims.  Additionally, medical information may be released to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and its agents and carriers, third party payers, and insurers.

Should your insurance company reimburse you directly for any medical transportation insurance benefits, the reimbursement should be forwarded to LifeNet.  Abusing this is cause for termination of membership.

A LifeNet Membership is not an insurance policy and cannot be considered as a secondary insurance coverage or a supplement to any insurance coverage.

Patients on Medicaid receive covered ambulance services and do not need to enroll in the LifeNet Membership Plan.


A LifeNet Membership covers the head of household (also called member) and all permanent residents of the member’s household listed on the membership application. If a visitor to the member’s household requires emergency ambulance transportation, the membership will provide coverage to the visitor if they’re picked up at the member’s household.  The membership does not cover workers (i.e. lawncare professionals, plumbers, etc…) who may be injured on the member’s property and require ambulance transportation.


LifeNet’s Discount Savings Plan program is provided by a third-party vendor, Abenity. Offers and services are subject to change without notice.

LifeNet, Inc. is not an agent of Abenity, provides no warranties related to the services provided by Abenity, and hereby disclaims any liability with regard thereto.  Members must elect to enroll in the benefit program and can email for information on how to enroll in the discount savings plan.


Any LifeNet Member who opts for monthly payments understands and agrees Member is required to make automatic monthly membership payments for the 12-month term of the membership. Member agrees to have their credit card automatically debited every month by LifeNet for the initial 12-months and understands the membership will auto-renew monthly each month thereafter until the Member requests to cancel the membership in writing.

The first payment will be collected the day the membership is purchased and will be the same date payments are collected each month. The monthly rate is determined by the plan selected and agreed to when joining online or in-person. Member agrees he/she will not receive a monthly statement, and that payments will be made via automatic credit card charges. Written statements of the Member’s account balance can be provided only upon request.

A LifeNet Membership is a contractual agreement that members are obligated to fulfill and cannot be cancelled at any time for any reason within the 12-month period.

Member agrees to give LifeNet written notice at least fifteen (15) days prior to the next scheduled payment to avoid further charges, at which time, the LifeNet Membership will immediately become invalid.

Additionally, Member understands if the membership is not paid in-full for the 12-month period, any membership benefits obtained prior to cancellation within the 12-month calendar year will be void and the member will be required to pay the full amount for any ambulance billed charges owed.

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