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How to Ensure Your Family Gets Prompt Emergency Medical Care
Without the Worry of High Medical Transportation Bills

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No matter how safe or healthy you are today, you can’t always avoid accidents, emergencies, or unexpected illnesses.  We know because we respond to 61,000 calls a year, or 165 calls per day throughout the communities we serve.

The good news is, you can help plan for them by becoming a LifeNet Member.

3 Reasons to Become a LifeNet Member

1. Peace of Mind
Statistics show the majority of citizens in our service area will need emergency care at least once in their lifetime. A LifeNet membership helps ensure you can call for emergency medical transport sooner, knowing you never have to worry about receiving a high medical bill for the transport services. Faster medical attention in emergency situations is a key to increasing your chance of survival.

2. Reduced Transport Costs
Most insurance plans require that you pay an ambulance deductible. As a LifeNet Member with insurance coverage, we will accept your insurance company’s payment as payment in full. Any remaining balance on your account will be waived under your membership discount. If your insurance plan requires you to pay 100% of your bill as part of your deductible, we will apply a 40% membership discount to the balance you owe.

LifeNet also understands that you may not have health insurance. Members without insurance coverage receive a 40% discount on billed charges for emergency medical transport.

3. Support Your Community
As a member of LifeNet, you can make a difference in your neighborhood by helping us support initiatives that are designed to provide best-in-class emergency medical services for your community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a not-for-profit, we receive funding from a variety of sources, including our membership program, to maintain our ambulance fleet and ensure it is equipped with the most sophisticated life-saving medical equipment. Funding also helps us provide free community education events like CPR and Stop the Bleed training. As a LifeNet Member, you play an integral part in helping us fund these initiatives.

LifeNet Ambulance Membership Program Infographic

Membership Plan Options

LifeNet offers three membership plan options.  The Ground Only Membership is available in most service areas.  Our Air Only Membership and Gold Membership plans are only available in certain service areas.

Ground Only Membership

  • 40% discount on billed services
  • Covers most out-of-pocket expenses
  • Covers all full-time residents of your household
  • Ground ambulance service
  • X

Gold Membership

  • 40% discount on billed services
  • Covers most out-of-pocket expenses
  • Covers all full-time residents of your household
  • Ground ambulance service
  • Air ambulance service

Air Only Membership

  • 40% discount on billed services
  • Covers most out-of-pocket expenses
  • Covers all full-time residents of your household
  • X
  • Air ambulance service

Medically necessary ambulance transports include:

• Interfacility transports for higher level care
• Non-emergency roundtrip nursing home transports to or from the hospital
• Up to 500 miles for ground ambulance transports
• Up to 200 miles for helicopter transports
• Up to 300 miles for fixed wing transports

Medically Necessary Ambulance Transportation LifeNet EMS Texarkana, Hot Springs, Stillwater

Insurance Claims & Plan Coverage

As a LifeNet member, you are responsible for paying for ambulance services you utilize.  LifeNet will file insurance claims with third party payers (private insurance, supplemental insurance, Medicare, etc…) and receive payments on your behalf.  If the payer denies the claim for any reason, LifeNet will discount your bill by 40%.

In order to file insurance claims, LifeNet may require documentation from you needed to process the claims.  Additionally, medical information may be released to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and its agents and carriers, third party payers, and insurers.

Should your insurance company reimburse you directly for any medical transportation insurance benefits, the reimbursement should be forwarded to LifeNet.  Abusing this is cause for termination of membership.

Patients on Medicad receive covered ambulance services and do not need to enroll in a LifeNet Membership Plan.

Medical Air Transport

Air medical transport membership is valid only for medically necessary air ambulance transports on LifeNet Air 1 and/or LifeNet’s fixed wing, both based out of Texarkana, Arkansas. Membership DOES NOT include air ambulance transports on LifeNet Air 2 based out of Hot Springs, Arkansas, or any other air ambulance provider.

LifeNet offers two forms of air medical transportation:

  • LifeNet Air
    Bell 407 helicopter
  • Fixed Wing
    Piper Cheyenne 2 airplane

Air medical transportation availability is based on several factors, including:

• Certain medical conditions are better suited for ground transportation
• Medical helicopter is never the first response
• Flight must originate from a hospital or accident scene
• Flight must originate in or be requested by a medical professional within LifeNet’s service area
• Transportation by helicopter is limited to injuries that are determined by the attending medical professional to be life or limb threatening
• Helicopter transport is to the closest medical facility
• Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restrictions prohibit air medical transportation in certain weather conditions
• Safety of the patient and medical crews is the primary determinant in accepting a flight or opting for ground transportation
• Air transportation may be unavailable due to call volume, maintenance, regulations, weather, or other factors beyond LifeNet’s control
• LifeNet reserves the right to determine if ground or air transportation is best for the patient

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