There are no limits on the mental health coverage on either of LifeNet’s health insurance plans with BlueCross.  The copay on the Traditional plan is $50 for In-Network physicians.  On the HDHP plan, it would be the cost of the visit after the discounted price (usually around $175-$200, some are a bit cheaper).

  • Click here to see if the provider you want to see is in-network, or to find a provider in-network near you.
  • Click here to see a list of Certified First Responder counselors.*
    *Note: Certified First Responder counselors may not be in-network with BlueCross.  Make sure to ask if they’re in-network prior to scheduling your appointment.

The counselors listed below are not endorsed by LifeNet.  They are, however, providers some of our team members do see and have recommended.  We encourage you to do your own research and vetting to find the counselor who best suits your needs.

Arkansas Area Counselors

Anchor of Hope Counseling (Russellville, AR)
Heather Hallum
P: 479-799-8885

Counseling Connections (Hot Springs, AR)
Rochelle Moss
P: 501-282-7833

Nikki Penn Counseling (Springdale, AR)
Nikki Penn
P: 870-793-0071

Savvy Mind, LLC (Hot Springs, AR)
Stephanie Hamilton
P: 501-238-6856
*Certified First Responder Counselor

Oklahoma Area Counselors

Coming Soon

Texas Area Counselors

Barbara Page (Texarkana, TX)
Barbara Page
P: 903-556-2025

Olive Tree Counseling (Texarkana, TX)
Billy Eldridge
P: 903-336-3484

Texarkana Mental Health & Wellness (Texarkana, TX)
Jennifer Sellers
P: 903-751-5665

National Resources

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Fire/EMS Helpline
  • Copline
  • Veteran’s Crisis Line
  • Code Green Campaign


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