Now Hiring Paramedics!

Whether you’re looking for paramedic jobs in Texas, Arkansas, or Oklahoma, you’ll find a great fit for your skills when you make the decision to join the LifeNet family.

If you’re curious where we have paramedic job openings, you can visit our Paramedic Job Board.  If you’re new to EMS and wanting to find out how to become a paramedic, you can visit our career advice page.

Inside of a LifeNet ambulance with equipment and stryker powerload cot.Working at LifeNet

We believe in putting the patient first, and our advanced medical protocols reflect that.  As a paramedic, you’ll have the opportunity to utilize your skills to take care of the patients.  Our medical directors are accessibile if you need them, too.

We also believe in creating the safest work environment for our medical crews.  Our Type 1 and Type 3 ambulance units are not only spacious to provide you with the room you need to care for your patients, but they also come equipped with Stryker Power Assist cots to reduce the chance of back injuries.

Most of our divisions run 12-hour shifts that allow employees the opportunity to enjoy every other weekend off.  Some divisions also offer 24-hour, 12-hour, 11-hour, and 9-hour shifts.  Additionally, we offer each full-time employee vacation, sick time, and personal time combined into a single bank of hours known as “Paid Time Off”.

LifeNet Paramedic works on a tablet in the back of an ambulance in Malvern, Arkansas.Full and Part-Time Paramedic Jobs Available

LifeNet offers full and part-time opportuntieis for paramedics to work for the company.  Paramedics who work full-time for LifeNet are eligibile for our Employee Benefits package, which includes paid time off, tuition reimbursement, paid short and long term disability insurance, and quality health insurance plans.  Part-time employees are called “call-in-relief” or “CIR” at LifeNet and have the opportunity to pick the shifts they want to work based on their availability.

LifeNet EMT teaches a child how to hear a heartbeat using a stethescope during a Teddy Bear Clinic at LifeNet in Malvern.Do More Than Run 9-1-1 Calls

Our medical crews are made up of some of the best EMTs and paramedics in the nation, and we all understand the impact that community education can have on positive patient outcomes.  We take seriously our responsibility to educate the community in the use of 911, CPR, safety, and pre-arrival first aid.  Additionally, our crews regularly have the opportunity to provide standby ambulance service at community events, where we encourage you to give tours of the ambulance and provide community education to both children and adults.

A row of LifeNet ambulances sits parked infront of headquarters in Texarkana, Texas.Talk to Our HR Team

Still have questions about why you should become a paramedic at LifeNet?  Fill out the form below and our HR Team will contact you.  We’re excited to learn more about you and help explore if we’re the right fit for your paramedic career!

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