Employee Spotlight: Emily Hatley
Position: EMT
Division: Hot Springs, AR

Emily Hatley is an EMT at LifeNet EMS in Hot Springs, AR

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Emily has been an EMT for LifeNet’s Hot Springs Division since October of 2018.

“I’ve always loved helping people, so the thought of getting to be the first one there for someone on one of their worst days was something I wanted to do,” she said, as she described why she got into EMS.

Emily finds the career rewarding, especially getting to meet a variety of people every shift she works.

“You can learn so much about someone in just the short period of time you’re with them. It’s tough sometimes, but it’s always so rewarding,” she said.

There are two things that top Emily’s list of things she enjoys about working at LifeNet.

“I like getting to work with awesome people and doing PR events,” she said.

Emily offers three simple words for others considering a career in EMS: “Go for it!”.

When she isn’t working at LifeNet, Emily enjoys spending time with her daughter, family, and boyfriend. She also likes watching television. She is currently studying for paramedic school.