LifeNet Air 2 visits Magnet Cove Elementary School and kids tour the medical helicopter in Malvern, AR.

Kristen McLaughlin’s pre-K class at Magnet Cove Elementary School had the opportunity to tour the LifeNet Air 2 helicopter this week.

Prior to the helicopter landing at the school, the children received special instruction from Flight Medic Bobby King on what to do as the helicopter landed.  They knew when it started to get windy they should cover their eyes for safety until an adult told them it was safe to uncover them.  Additionally, they learned not to take off towards the helicopter until the flight crew was outside and told them it was safe to do so.

Once the medical helicopter had landed, each child had the opportunity to climb inside the helicopter and sit down in the back.  After the tour was over, each child also received a Frisbee as a memento of their experience.

LifeNet Air 2 is based out of Hot Springs, Arkansas and provides air medical transport for critical care patients throughout Arkansas.

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