LifeNet Air 2 medical helicopter transport in Hot Springs. Staff stand in front of helicopter with patient the saved.On June 28, 2019, LifeNet Dispatchers Ashley Bohannon and Jonathan Strother received a call that put Paramedic Andrew Walton and EMT Jeff Hunter, along with LifeNet Air 2 Flight Nurse Stacy McBrayer and Flight Medic Bobby King on scene.

One year later, on June 27, 2020, the EMS professionals were reunited with the patient they treated from that call. She brought them delicious homemade cookies and beautiful handwritten thank you cards, but the best part of the entire experience were the hugs received and getting to see her again.

Moments like these are a strong reminder of why we do what we do each day. We are so thankful she’s doing great today and that we were able to meet her and her family yesterday.