LifeNet educated children about Emergency Management Services (EMS) as the guest presenter for the November 19th Garland County Public Library’s Children’s Programs.

During LifeNet’s visit to the library, kids enjoyed:

1. Story Time with LifeNet
LifeNet Director of Public Relations, Tina Bell, read two books to the children including:

  • The Cow Tripped Over the Moon 
  • Ambulance in Action

2. Bystander CPR Lessons
Several children took the opportunity to learn how to do bystander CPR.  While many of the children are still too young to have the physical strength to do bystander CPR, studies have shown that the younger kids start being introduced to the skills, the more likely they are to recall them should they need to use them later in life.

3. Build a Paper 3D Ambulance
Children also had the chance to color and build a model 3-D paper ambulance.

4. Tour an Ambulance
Finally, kids got the opportunity to climb inside a LifeNet ambulance and learn about the various features that allow our paramedics and EMTs to take care of patients in the community.

LifeNet EMS teaches kids at the Graland County Library about EMS, including what to do when calling 9-1-1 and the basics of bystander CPR.