On Tuesday, September 18th, LifeNet staff visited Malvern Middle School as guest instructors for Coach Terrill Brown’s 8th Grade Career Development Classes.

Each class was divided into two groups.  One group got to go outside for half of the class period and get a hands-on look at different types of equipment available inside of an ambulance.  Additionally, they had the opportunity to learn from LifeNet Paramedics Ryan Hamilton, Chip Duboise, and EMT Forrest Blackman about what a day is like in their line of work.

The other group had the opportunity to stay inside the classroom and learn about the various career titles in EMS, the length of time and course of study for becoming an EMT, Paramedic, or Dispatcher, and about careers in EMS business administration from LifeNet Director of Public Relations, Tina Bell and LifeNet Injury Prevention Manager, Netra Dutton.  Additionally, students learned about some of the more “fun” aspects of the job, including how EMS professionals often get to provide medical standby at events like school sports, concerts, rodeos, and more.

After each group had rotated through both educational opportunities, they were given a puzzle sheet to help test their knowledge of EMS career vocabulary.

LifeNet visits Malvern Middle School Career Development Classes at teaches about careers in EMS.