Never a group to shy away from a challenge, the Paramedics and EMTs in our Texarkana Division spent the last week filming and putting together their Lip Sync Challenge Video after several people in our community asked when LifeNet was going to make a video.

Grab a bucket of popcorn because it’s a bit long … but sure to make you giggle as you watch.

Kuddos to EMT Nikki Moore for coordinating the video and Paramedic Cyndy Rider for editing the mash-up of songs.

“Lip Sync Battle” videos were started last month when the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department posted a video on their Facebook page that went viral. In less than a week, police agencies from across Texas joined in.  Now fire departments, EMS agencies, and police departments from across the country are participating in making the fun videos and posting them to their YouTube pages.