LifeNet Air 2 medical helicopter crew teaches an LZ class at the Arkansas Fire Academy in Camden, Arkansas.

LifeNet AIR 2 was invited by the Arkansas Fire Academy to teach a Landing Zone Class.

LNA2 was represented at the class by Cheyenne, Jason, and our Pilot, Mike!

Landing Zone classes included instruction on how to setup a safe landing zone for a medical helicopter, how to identify hazards in a landing zone, and the types of injuries and illnesses that are better suited for air medical transport.

Firefighters and other first responders help establish landing zones for medical helicopters at motor vehicle accident scenes and other emergency responses.

LifeNet Air truly appreciates everything each individual does for us on scene to ensure we quickly and safely get patients transported away from the scene and to the appropriate care facility.

To request a free LZ Class for your first responder agency, click here.