Nicole Hart, Star of Life
LifeNet Inc., Stillwater, Oklahoma

Nicole Hart’s EMS journey landed her at LifeNet in Stillwater, Oklahoma in January of 2020. She quickly drew the respect of her coworkers and developed a camaraderie with others as our nation struggled through the most significant pandemic in a century. Her work with new employees, and EMTs transitioning into medics, made Nicole an excellent candidate to serve as Field Training Officer. After achieving that goal, she successfully competed to become an Operations Supervisor for the area. In addition to her workplace efforts, Nicole became an adjunct faculty member of an initial EMS education program in the state.

These leadership efforts were recognized in the comments of Nicole’s peers as they nominated her to be our 2023 Star of Life. One said, “She goes above and beyond to make the workplace better for everyone and takes a no-nonsense approach to her leadership.” Another comment read, “Nicole is great at teaching new employees and encouraging others to do the same.” The sentiment of many was eloquently captured by one nomination that read simply, “She works (hard) and is always so nice to everyone!”

That recognized approach, and Nicole’s steadfast commitment to quality and learning, recently led Nicole to accept a position as Clinical Services Manager for the region. We are excited to see where she will take our EMS providers with her fresh education opportunities and Quality Improvement initiatives. It should be clear that Nicole represents the best in EMS, and we are proud to have her represent LifeNet.