Kristen Janes and Weston Phelps receive the LifeNet Lifesaver Award in Texarkana

Everyday heroes are the people in our communities who step up during an accident or an emergency and make a difference.

Today we had the opportunity to extend the LifeNet Lifesaver Award to Weston Phelps, a 10 year old whose quick actions helped save the life of a child when he noticed she was drowning in a pool.  Weston pulled the child out of the pool and got help.

Help came from another LifeNet Lifesaver Award recipient, Kristen Janes, who did CPR on the child until our medical crews arrived.

Our medical crews who worked the call included:

  • Teresa Harmon, Paramedic, Ground Ambulance
  • Whitney Williams, Paramedic, Ground Ambulance
  • Cynamon Burnett, Flight Nurse, Air Ambulance
  • David Chreene, Flight Medic, Air Ambulance
  • Catherine Yelle, Pilot, Air Ambulance

Our crews were honored to get to meet the heroes, and the patient, in a private ceremony held at LifeNet’s headquarters in Texarkana, where they caught up.  After enjoying donuts and juice and handing out the awards, the crews gave the award recipients and their families tours of our ground and air ambulances.

Click here to learn more about how you can nominate someone for the LifeNet Livesaver Award.