Employee Spotlight: Anthony James
Position: SSC
Division: Texarkana, TX

Anthony James is a systems status controller/dispatcher for Lifenet EMS in Texarkana.

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Anthony is a Systems Status Controller (SSC) for LifeNet’s communications center in Texarkana. He has worked for LifeNet since 2017.

“I joined the Lifenet family to have an opportunity to make a difference in our shared community,” he said. “I personally enjoy being a soothing presence during an individual’s time of emergency. Most people will only deal with EMS a handful of times, if any within, their life. It can be an overwhelming situation, and being the first line of defense with an answer to all of their immediate needs is fulfilling in a unique way.”

For others considering a career as an emergency medical dispatcher, Anthony offers this advice: “Schedule sit-ins, ride-along’s, and internships as much as you possibly can. It’s a field that is nothing like you see on television, so real life experience is imperative.”

When he’s not at work, Anthony enjoys spending time with his family and listening to live music.