Employee Spotlight: Sky Foster
Position: EMT
Division: Texarkana, TX

Sky Foster is an EMT for LifeNet EMS in Texarkana, Texas.

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Sky has been an EMT at LifeNet in Texarkana since 2017.

“While working on getting on at the fire department, I went to school to get my EMT certification. During clinicals, I fell in love with the medical side of it all,” Sky said, as he described why he got into EMS.

Sky enjoys being able to serve others during their time of need.

“What I enjoy most about my career is being there to help people when they are having the worst day of their life and being the one they can trust,” he said. “I also enjoy making patients smile and laugh during the tough times they’re having.”

Sky also enjoys the camaraderie of working at LifeNet.

“My favorite thing about working for LifeNet is the family you make here knowing that everyone has your back,” he said.

For others considering a career in EMS, Sky offers this advice: “If you’re thinking about becoming a first responder, my advice would be to never stop learning because although it will pay off in school, it will also pay off with future patients.”

When Sky isn’t a t work, you’ll probably find him outdoors doing anything from hiking to hunting.