LifeNet, Inc., has received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) for its compliance with national standards of excellence. This is the ambulance companies seventh time to go through a review and receive the accreditation.

LifeNet is one of only 195 ambulance services in the country to successfully complete the voluntary review process, which included completion of a comprehensive application and on-site review by national experts in emergency medical services (EMS).

Headquartered in Texarkana, Texas, LifeNet provides medical service in the following counties:

  • Arkansas: Garland, Hot Spring, and Miller Counties
  • Oklahoma: Western Payne County
  • Texas: Bowie, Cass, Morris, and Red River Counties

In those states, LifeNet is even more distinct to hold this accreditation. Only eight other EMS service providers in Arkansas, three other EMS service providers in Oklahoma, and 11 other EMS service providers in Texas are CAAS accredited.

CAAS is a non-profit organization established to encourage and promote high-quality patient care in EMS. This is accomplished by establishing national standards which not only address the delivery of patient care, but also the ambulance service’s total operation and its relationships with other agencies, the general public, and the medical community. The Commission’s standards often exceed state or local licensing requirements.

“Achieving CAAS represents our staff’s commitment to providing the best service to our communities,” said David Baumgardner, CEO of LifeNet. “Accreditation is also another way for our stakeholders, and our patients, to rest assured we not only have a quality improvement program and to provide the best care and service possible, but we are actually doing the things we say we are going to do.”

To receive accreditation renewal, LifeNet had to meet over 100 standards set by CAAS covering structure, interagency relations, management, finance, community relations and public affairs, human resources, clinical standards, safety and risk management, equipment and facilities, and communication centers.

“CAAS reviewed all of our polices, our application packet, and then interviewed our team and members of the community individually,” Baumgardner added. “Our entire team is the reason we can continually meet the Commission’s high standards. They are committed to giving their best and being on top of their game as EMS professionals.”

While accreditation is not required to run a ground ambulance service, LifeNet, Inc. is committed to excellence and putting the patient first. By undergoing recertification every three years, LifeNet ensures they are providing the best EMS service possible in each service area.