Employee Spotlight: Neal Prince
Position: Paramedic
Division: Hot Springs, AR

Neal Prince, Paramedic Jobs Hot Springs, AR, LifeNet EMS

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Neal is celebrating nine years working for LifeNet.

Before joining the company, he was a volunteer firefighter.

“They offered an EMT class. I enjoyed it, so I kept going until I became a paramedic,” he said. “It’s great to have a job you enjoy so much that you would do it for free.”

His favorite part about his career choice is the reward of helping others.

“When you have a call that you know in your heart truly made somebody’s life better, there’s no better feeling,” he said.

When he is not working for LifeNet, Neal loves spending time with his wife and grandkids. He also loves to travel.

For others considering a career in EMS, Neal has one bit of encouragement.

“Do it,” he says with excitement. “Being a paramedic is the most rewarding job you can have.”