Employee Spotlight: William Noel
Position: EMT
Division: Stillwater, OK

William Noel, EMT, Stillwater, Oklahoma, LifeNet Jobs

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William Noel has been an EMT with LifeNet in our Stillwater, OK Division for a year and a half.

“I’ve always wanted to have a job where I could help people on a daily basis,” he said. “Public safety was the easiest decision I’ve ever made in my adult life.”

One of the highlights for William of being an EMT is not having a mundane career.

“Showing up to work and not knowing what my day will hold is what I enjoy the most. Everyday is an adventure, and I can’t wait to do it again every time I clock in,” he said.

When William is not at work, he enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, taking long drives, going to concerts, and cheering on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

For others considering a career in EMS, William offers this advice: “Do your research and learn about the EMS agencies in your area. If you have the opportunity, visit your local EMS station and ask any questions you might have. Study hard, stay motivated, and earn that patch.”