Employee Spotlight: Vicky Henderson
Position: Paramedic
Division: Texarkana, TX

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Vicky is a paramedic who has been part of the LifeNet family for 23 years.

“I hired on part time in 1995 and went full time on M-50 in 2002,” she said.

She was drawn to a career path in EMS compliments of a venture some of her friends started.

“My interest was always healthcare, and I wanted some experience in the medical field. When I found out some friends were going to start an EMT program at North Texas Community College, I decided to do it also. I enjoyed it so much that I chose to continue on and complete my Paramedic,” she said.

While Vicky is also a registered nurse (RN), there is something about a career as a Paramedic that keeps her at LifeNet.

“My passion is EMS, and I plan to do that as long as possible, while working part-time as an RN,” she said. “I have the ability to be a positive influence to everyone we come in contact with. No matter if it a traumatic arrest with a poor outcome, or an elderly lady that lives alone that was awakened by a nightmare, it is my desire that both the loved ones and the person experiencing the traumatic or challenging event find comfort in my composure and in the attitude that I exhibit..”

When she is not at work, Vicky enjoys spending time with my family at sporting events, camping, fishing, hunting and cooking.

For others considering a career in EMS, Vicky has sound advice.

“It isn’t just a job, it is a lifestyle,” she said. “You are never off duty, and many will look to you for guidance in difficult situations. You must be willing to walk away from family outings, just prepared meals, and other everyday events to report to the station when there is a busy system. Be that person everyone desires to work alongside and bring good positive energy to your team.”